The Career Progression Program

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As many of you may have heard the TN. Board of Opticians has decided to accept the Career Progression Program offered by the NAO as the equivalent to 1750 apprenticeship hours. The program may be taken concurrently with apprenticeship thus possibly shortening the amount of actual three year apprenticeship time.

Documentation of the completion of the program would be submitted at the time the apprentices applies to take their state board test. You must have a sponsor to enroll in this program and submit your tests to the NAO for grading. The cost and further details of the program may be found at the following website

While in some instances this may shorten some apprenticeship time, this was done in an effort to provide the apprentice with a consistent platform of optical knowledge and resource thus creating a better educated apprentice. Due to the costs associated with the program as well as the additional work time required to complete the program it is believed the number that will benefit from a shortened apprenticeship time will be minimal.

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