About Us


The specific purposes for which this Association was organized are, in substance, as follows:

To improve and promote the welfare of dispensing opticians, to protect the public against unscrupulous practices in ophthalmic dispensing, to establish proper qualifications and experience, to set up a code of standards and ethics for the conduct and guidance of dispensing opticians, to continue legislation for maintaining a State Board of Dispensing Opticians and for licensing dispensing opticians, to assist the authorities in enforcing such legislation whenever and wherever enacted, to instill mutual understanding and friendship among dispensing opticians, to inspire in the public, by appropriate means, confidence in dispensing opticians, and to further any other purposes like or similar to the aforementioned.

*As stated in Tennessee Dispensing Opticians Association’s ByLaws, Chapter I Article 2

Sometimes the Tennessee Dispensing Opticians Association (TDOA) is confused with the Tennessee Board of Dispensing Opticians. Please remember that we are two separate entities. If you need information on your license renewal please contact 1-800-778-4123